It starts as a faint MurMur in the distance.

Getting closer and closer, and louder and louder, it begins to take over you. Possessed by sound, your souls are entranced to join the march of this army of lost souls as they dance forth to the beat of the pounding drums. These souls have been captivated by one powerful demon, the demon of music, the one they call MurMur. Armed with an arsenal of beats, MurMur and his army are coming for you, and you will be helpless but to join them, and surrender your soul to the demon of music.

Has been billed with:
Zomboy, Bro Safari, Caspa, Infected Mushroom, Nerd Rage, Crowell, Codd Dubz, Drop Goblin, DJ Knowledge, Lil Jon, DJ Venom, Shiftee, 2Rip, Crizzly, LAXX, Antiserum, Donald Glaude, SuperStar DJ Keoki, SoulSlinger, Delirium, Downlink, Savant, Liquid Stranger, Lady Faith, Phutureprimitive, Zardonic, Mantis, RUN DMT, Buku, DJ CAFFEINE, DANK, S-Factor, iLL.Gates, PPLPRSN, Leah Culver, Le Castle Vania, DJ Dara, Bachelors of Science, Double Dragon, Evac Protocol, Danny the Wild Child, Ponicz, Lumberjvck, Lord SwaneX

Label Releases on:
ThazDope Records
Mosh Squad
Old Ghost Records
Dead Cell Audio
Wasteland Recordings
Smooth Villain Records

Past Residencies:
Toad's Place Night Club
Brooklyn Rave Cave
Tuxedo Junction
Empire Night Club
WPKN Radio
Afterlife Afterhours Club

The Artist Union:

Booking Info:
Manager: Conor Crowley
Phone Number: 860-304-7381

Booking Agent: JR Sten